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YoYoJam Classic


Product Description

YoYoJam has been designing modern ball bearing yo-yos for over twelve years! Every year the modern day yo-yo continues to evolve and, always at the forefront of innovation, YoYoJam has just redefined the beginner to intermediate yo-yo. We introduce you to the beginner yo-yo for today’s modern player. This is the CLASSIC.

A beginners yo-yo seems like a simple thing to design but the Classic is a huge achievement. The shape is large and comfortable yet angular and rim weighted. For a solid plastic yo-yo, the Classic has more rim weight then most and thanks to the secondary plastic cap the yo-yo has a solid weighted spin and incredible feel on the string. All of these are extremely important in getting long stable spin time when first starting out!

Pre-installed in the Classic is a narrow bearing and rubber o-rings geared completely towards responsive play. With a small tug the yo-yo easily snaps back to your hand yet spins with ease for a beginners first throw. This makes learning a snap and really changes everything for people wanting to master tricks fast! Ready to learn intermediate or advanced tricks? Pick up an upgrade Speed Bearing along with YoYoJam Silicone O-Rings (sold separately) and you will have a completely unresponsive yo-yo ready for all the advanced tricks you can throw at it!

The Classic was also designed with the price conscious beginner and intermediate player in mind and YoYoJam challenges you to find a yo-yo of this quality and performance at this price. Molded from the finest materials right here in the USA, YoYoJam and the Classic are ready to help you have fun and learn fast!


Additional Information



Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Yo-Yo Style

1A (Single Handed)

Response System

YoYoJam Small O-Rings

Bearing Size

YoYoJam Open Bearing

Axle Size

YoYoJam Axle-6


63.91 g


2.3″ / 58.45 mm


1.630″ / 41.40 mm

5.00 out of 5

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