How can I get on Team YoYoJam?

Player sponsorship cannot be applied for, it is only offered by the Team Director. YoYoJam sponsors players who take yo-yoing to the next level — whether it by competing at a high level, innovating, producing videos, or organizing events for the yo-yo community, Team YoYoJam members stand out and make a difference in yo-yoing.

If you feel as if you have Team YoYoJam in you, you can contact Ben@YoYoJam.com.

How can I be a YoYoJam Apprentice?

The YoYoJam Apprentice program was created to guide young players to the top. Pro Team members now like Grant Johnson and Ben Conde started as Apprentices and worked their way up.

These players were recognized by the team with potential to become the future of YoYoJam. With the approval from the Team Director, Apprentice membership can be given by a current team member. This team member becomes a mentor for the Apprentice, and offers guidance in the character and competition.

If you are interested in being an Apprentice, you can reach out to team members near you in person at competitions or events or you can contact team directly by visiting the team page.

Can YoYoJam sponsor my competition?

Please fill out the following information and email it to Valerie@YoYoJam.com or fax it to 478-987-7390.

1. Name, date and location of the contest.
2. List of divisions you plan to hold.
3. Number of awards you plan to award.
4. Is the event AYYA sanctioned or recognized by the NYYL?
5. Name(s) of the judge(s).
6. Number of participants you expect.
7. Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the event coordinator. This is where we will send your prizes.
8. Agreement to appropriately recognize YoYoJam as a sponsor of the event in all pre-event promotional materials and during the event.

YoYoJam makes an effort to support as many events as we can, but we still can only support a limited amount.

Supporting the sport of yo-yoing and the yo-yo community is on of the most important things YoYoJam does. Below is a list of Contests YoYoJam has Sponsored: 

44 Clash
Alabama State Yo-Yo Contest
Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest
Australian Nationals
Bali YoYo Contest
Bay Area Classic
Budapest Nationals
Bulgarian Yo-Yo Contest
California States
Capital City Contest
CEYY – Spain
China Nationals
Columbian Basin Yo-Yo Contest
Czech Nationals
Davao Regionals
DXL Battle Championships
East Coast Classic
East Hungarian Yo-Yo Contest
European YoYo Championship
Finnish National YoYo Contest
Florida States
French Nationals
Georgia State Yo-Yo Contest
German Masters
German Nationals
Hamamatsu YoYo Contest
Hong-Kong Yo-Yo Contest
Hungarian Nationals
Idaho States
Illinois State Yo-Yo Contest
Indiana States
Iowa States
Italian Nationals
Japan Nationals
Kansas State YoYo Contest
Korean Nationals
MA States
Malaysia Nationals
Maryland State Yo-Yo Contest
Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Contest
Mexico National Yo-Yo Contest
Mid-Atlantic Regionals
Mideast Regionals
Midwest Regionals
Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest
MoYo States
North Carolina States
Ohio States
Oklahoma States
PA State
Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Contest
Parisien Yo-Yo Contest
Philippines Yo-Yo Contest
Polish Nationals
Redondo Throw Down
Rhode Island States
Rocky Mountain Yo-Yo Contest
Russian Yo-Yo Contest
Singapore Yo-Yo Contest
Slovakia YoYo Nationals
Sopron Int’l YoYo Contest
South Central Regionals
Southeast Regionals‚Ä® (BLC)
Southern California Championship
Spanish Nationals
Spanish Yo-Yo Congress
Sunshine Kites Yo-Yo Contest
Taiwan YoYo Contest
Tennessee States
Texas States
UK Southern Regionals
US National Yo-Yo Contest
Winter YoYo Tournament
Varna YoYo Contest
Victoria Harbour Yo-Yo Contest
Virginia States
Winter YoYo Tournament
World Yo-Yo Contest
YoYo Challenge