Dale Bell is the owner of YoYoJam. He designs and brings to life all the amazing yo-yos that you see on this website and in players‚ hands at contests. He was the first in the world to design a yo-yo with metal weight rings. After nearly 50 years as a machinist, Dale really knows his stuff. He has been honored for his contributions to the yo-yo community with the Duncan Family Industry Excellence Award in 2002.

When Dale isn’t working for YoYoJam he runs Advanced Air International. AAI produces high quality fan blades for many major brands throughout the world. He is also an antique car enthusiast and has raced in the Hemmings Motor News Great Race for over ten years. He is also a music enthusiast who enjoys playing piano and organ and listening to live music whenever possible.

Valerie Aaron is the Vice-President of YoYoJam. She is in charge of running the business end of YoYoJam out of the Business Office and Distribution center in Georgia. If anyone would have told Valerie she was going to grow up and be a yo-yo salesman she would have told them that they were crazy. And there are times when she still has a hard time believing it! But her dedication and influence have made an impact. Following in her father’s footsteps, Valerie was honored with the Duncan Family Industry Excellence Award in 2008.

When she isn’t at YYJ, Valerie enjoys training and showing dogs with her husband, Danny. She also loves to travel and enjoys free diving in the Caribbean. Valerie and Danny have founded a nonprofit organization called Truth Seekers Ministries. Currently, their largest project is a community center in Hone Creek, Costa Rica which seeks to reach out to the homeless and neglected children of the impoverished community. They travel to work on site at the Costa Rica project as often as possible. Valerie is also a first-responder for the Southern Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team and enjoys community service.

Danny Aaron is the corporate treasurer of YoYoJam, Inc. After nearly 30 years as a swimming pool contractor, Danny sold his company and is now semi-retired. He helps Valerie run YoYoJam as needed and assists with the assembly operations. Danny brings a wealth of business knowledge to the operation.

When he’s not at YoYoJam, Danny stays very busy. A former body builder and power lifter, Danny continues to go to the gym daily. He also enjoys surfing, diving, underwater photography and paddle boarding. In the past, Danny has served as a youth mentor in his church and even volunteered as a youth pastor for three years as he helped plant a new church. Danny is dedicated to serving wherever the Lord may lead. He has been actively involved with many community service projects but currently focuses most of his volunteer efforts on the projects of Truth Seekers Ministries. He is a first-responder for the Southern Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team.

Ben Conde has literally grown up on Team YoYoJam. Ben was added to the team when he was only 8 years old when Dale saw him throwing a YYJ offstring yo-yo at Worlds and immediately recognized his potential. Now a student at DePaul University in Chicago majoring in marketing with a minor in graphic design, Ben has moved up the ladder to take over as Director of Team YoYoJam.

Ben is well known in the yo-yo community for his insane off-string (4A) skills and for being a great sportsman and competitor. Ben challenges players to “Go Big” with their competitive style and in everything they do. His revolutionary 2011 Worlds performance was voted by the community as the best freestyle of the year. And in 2012 he was honored as the National YoYo Contest Most Inspirational Player. Ben continues to challenge Team YoYoJam and all he fellow competitors to, “Go BIG, Believe in Greatness.”

Andre Boulay has been playing with yo-yos since 2000. He got his start at the A2Z Science and Learning Store in Northampton Massachusetts where he started teaching their yo-yo classes and competing. He has placed as high as 5th in the nation and has won both the Massachusetts State Contest and the Northeast Regional Competition. He no longer competes but you can find him at most competitions behind the judges table. In 2008, Andre was honored with the National Achievement Award at the US Nationals for his efforts to improve and positively influence the industry. And he has been recognized by the Nationals YoYo Museum as a National Master.

In addition Andre has created one of the most popular yo-yo trick sites on the internet: MasterMagic.NET. After completing his BS in Biology and Psychology and his MS in neuroscience, Andre and his wife Devon started which has quickly become one of the most successful online yo-yo retailers on the web. Their most recent success has been the expansion of their family with the birth of their son Pierce in 2013. Andre has three signature series in production with YoYoJam‚ Dark Magic 2, Legacy 3, and H3X. Andre continues to be a valuable member of the YoYoJam team as a design and marketing consultant.

Johnnie DeValle is a web and graphic designer and has been yo-yoing since 1999, he carries the 2003 regional, national and world yoyo championship titles. JD is retired from competition but gives back to yoyoing by judging contests and events. The three signature yoyo’s he plays with and endorses are the YoYoJam Lyn Fury, Hitman X and Trigger.

JD is currently working as a Web and Brand Manager for a cancer diagnostics company in California and runs his own online yoyo store in the bay area: YoYoBESTBUY – JD is also the creative director and founder of STEELJOHN.