Made in the USA
YoYoJam products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Products are safe, employees are paid fairly, and the local economy is supported. YoYoJam uses only the finest materials and has complete control over step by step of the production process to ensure the highest quality product for the player.

There are two facilities in operation. Design, manufacturing and some assembly are done in our Riviera Beach, FL manufacturing plant. The administrative office and packing and distribution center is located in our warehouse in central Georgia.

The Florida facility is also home to YoYoJam’s sister company, Advanced Air International (AAI). AAI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of injection molded fan blades, blower wheels and related equipment. World-renown in the manufacturing industry for their cutting edge design and precision molding abilities, the team at AAI are truly experts in precision balance technology and perfecting things that spin. YoYoJam applies the same techniques and technology to yo-yos as engineers have used to design projects for everything from NASA to NASCAR and for companies synonymous with quality such as Honeywell, John Deere and Whirlpool.

Precision Balanced
YoYoJam yo-yos use precision balancing technology to create a perfectly balanced and long spinning yo-yo. All YoYoJam yo-yos balance to .001 .oz/in creating wobble free and exceptionally smooth spinning yo-yo capable of any trick you throw at it.

State-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) and CNC machining technology are used in the engineering process. Since YoYoJam owns its own complete tool room, YoYoJam is able to constantly create and develop new and exciting technology. YoYoJam does not have to rely on outside resources or overseas markets to produce molds or CNC programs‚ they are created in house. This allows YoYoJam to control every step of the design phase and make as many minor adjustments as they feel necessary to provide the most precision products available. Making yo-yos since 1999, YoYoJam’s engineers are veterans in the field and understand what it means to have that perfect shape and weight combination.

Unique Construction
Most YoYoJam yo-yos are now manufactured with YoYoJam’s unique Solid Spin Axle System. YoYoJam began introducing this innovative technology in 2010. The unique construction brings together two plastic molded halves as though they were a completely solid metal body. The result is a very stable, smooth spinning yo-yo with increased strength in the core of the plastic and hybrid (plastic / metal) models.

The Solid Spin Axle system also allows YoYoJam yo-yos to be interchangeable for responsive and unresponsive play. Many models ship with a narrow bearing installed. This bearing allows the yo-yo to be responsive for beginners. Once a player is ready to learn to bind and make the jump to unresponsive play, a Speed bearing can be installed. Included in the package with most hybrid models, YoYoJam Speed bearings are premium quality solid stainless bearings with 10 balls for even faster spin time. Speed bearings offer the ultimate in unresponsive play and allow a yo-yo to be capable of the most complex string tricks.

For the Player by the Player
YoYoJam listens to the players. YoYoJam is proud to sponsor one of the most elite, highly decorated teams of competitive yo-yo players in the world. With numerous World Champions and National Champions from all over the globe, YoYoJam is proud to truly be the “Choice of Champions.” YoYoJam looks to our highly skilled team to aid engineers in designing and testing our products. Before release, each yo-yo model is tested and approved by the professional yo-yo team to ensure the highest quality and that the yo-yo exceeds our players exacting expectations. Products are designed, “For the Player by the Player.”

Whether you are just beginning, or ready to compete at the international level, YoYoJam has a yo-yo made for you.